How to capture and send screen captures with your iPhone app

Apple has added a new feature that allows you to capture a screen in an iPhone app that is on the go.

The feature is called screen capture, and it’s an addition that’s available to all apps and apps that support iOS 10.

In a blog post on iOS 10, Apple says that screen capture allows you “to capture a live screen, with the user in the foreground or in the background, and to send it to a remote device.”

This allows you not only to capture the full screen on the iPhone, but also to save the screen to a file or upload the screen as a video to a video hosting service.

The feature is very useful for the iPhone app developer, as it allows you capture a small portion of the screen that the app is currently displaying, and then send that screen to an app that has a screen capture feature built in.

You can then then edit and upload the resulting image as a screen to show to the user, and share it with others.

Apple says that you can capture a screenshot with screen capture on an iPhone in a number of different ways.

You can capture the entire screen of an app by right-clicking the app, selecting Capture and then selecting the “Capture screen.”

In the “Screen capture” menu, you can choose the exact point in the screen you want to capture.

You also have the option of “Preview” to get a preview of the image.

You then select the exact part of the phone screen you wish to capture, then click the “Save as” button.

Finally, if you select “Save” then “Save a copy” will appear on the screen, as will “Share image as …” to share the image with others on your network.

This is an interesting feature, and one that I was able to get using the screen capture functionality in a couple of apps, including a popular photo editing app, Adobe Camera Raw.

Here’s an example screenshot from Adobe Camera RAW that I captured with screen capturing.


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