Paperlike screen protection app for smartphones, tablets and tablets that protect from the sun

A new app for iPhone, iPad and Samsung smartphones has been developed to help protect the user’s device from the Sun, but the app also has a handy feature for people who want to record a video of themselves and then share it on social media.

Key points:The Paperlike Screen Protector app lets users capture a video or picture and then upload it to their social media accounts without the need to download an appThe app allows users to record their experiences of the Sun and upload it on Facebook or InstagramThe app lets the user record video clips without any of the technology needed to capture and edit them.

“It’s a really handy feature,” said Kaveh Mavridis, CEO of the Paperlike app.

“You can capture a quick video and send it to your Facebook or your Instagram and the app will be able to extract the video without the technology you need.”

That means you can have a quick YouTube clip and then record it in a different app and send that as a link to your friends.

“The Paperish app also lets users record a quick picture, upload it and then send it via Facebook or other social media platforms.”

When you’re watching it on your phone, you can take it on a hike, you want to make a film, you don’t want to have to download a separate app to capture the moment, so you just open the app and then you can see how the sun is shining through your device,” Mr Mavri said.”

So we’ve created a tool that’s perfect for capturing a video in a matter of seconds, or a picture, or you can upload it straight to Facebook, and that’ll be your new video or a photo of your wedding day.

“In addition to allowing the user to capture a short clip or photo, the app has an option for users to share their experience of the sun with friends via social media, so they can share it with the people who are most excited about it.”

We’ve created this app to let you do all of that stuff,” Mr Kaveha said.


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