When Android becomes iOS’s main app, this is the best Android phone for the job

Posted November 19, 2020 05:10:00When Android becomes the main app for smartphones, the world of mobile gaming is on the rise.

The latest news from the game industry is that Google is moving its Android gaming division into the iOS gaming space.

This is a big shift for Android and the reason why it’s such a hot trend.

Google has always been known for its games and its ability to innovate, but this move into the gaming space is an example of the company getting serious about mobile gaming.

As the company announced in September, Google’s Android gaming efforts will now be focused on mobile devices.

While Android gaming on Android has been a long time coming, the move to a new platform is significant for Android as a whole.

While the shift will allow Google to bring more games to the Android platform, it will also lead to more games being created on Android.

With more Android games, more games are available on Android to compete with iOS.

This will be a huge boon for Android gaming developers.

This new platform also means that Google can leverage its gaming prowess in other areas.

This includes helping to expand its own services and apps for Android.

It has a lot of new and exciting ideas in this area, and this is a major part of why Google has so much power.

While Android is a popular platform for game development, it has not always been a great platform for mobile games.

Mobile games were often criticized for being difficult to learn and play.

This led to many games being developed for the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms, instead of the desktop platform.

As a result, mobile games are often more limited in what they can offer.

Google is also making the move into mobile gaming easier by taking the Android operating system and turning it into a mobile app platform.

This new platform will allow developers to make games that run on Android, and developers will be able to use their existing apps to do this.

This change will allow Android games to be much easier to get to, and Google will be in a much better position to deliver a better experience to its users.


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