Inflatable projector to help people sleep at night

In an attempt to revive the sleepy-and-worrying concept of bed-and/amp-and game nights, a South Indian startup is testing a prototype inflatable screen door latch, which it says will make it easier for people to sleep at home.

The device, which the startup called ‘Infocomp’, works by embedding a screen on the wall of a room.

The screen is activated by pushing a button on the side of the screen.

The key is attached to the wall to lock it, and the screen is designed to keep the door from opening, according to the startup.

The firm says it has received orders from a number of Indian cities for the device, and that it plans to sell it to people across the country in the next few weeks.

“There is a huge need for affordable technology solutions to improve people’s sleep and well-being,” said Vijay Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Infocomp.

“Our Infocom screen is a solution that can be installed at the door of your home, and will make sleeping easier and more enjoyable for all.”

According to Kumar, the screen has been tested in different settings, from a bedroom to a garage, and can accommodate a room up to six metres (20 feet) wide, or up to a bed.

A company called Infocomm has been working on inflatable devices for over a year, and Kumar says the device has already received an order from the government of Gujarat.

“It’s a product that is easy to install at home, it’s comfortable, and it’s functional.

This is a product which will make a huge impact in the country,” Kumar said.

The inflatable screens are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, and they come with built-in sensors that will detect when the user pushes a button.

They can also be used as bed covers, and, in the case of a garage-style inflatable, can be used to prevent a garage door from closing.

Infocomes, which has already launched in Australia, will be available in India in the coming weeks, Kumar added.

The inflatable device can be attached to any existing inflatable door, or it can be added to existing doors that are being used as inflatable beds.

For example, a garage with a garage doors could be connected to the Infocoms, and a garage could also be connected with an inflatable bed.

The company says the Infocooms can be set up as bed-cover and bed-rest areas, or a sofa area.

It will also be possible to add the device to inflatable shower doors.

The firm hopes that the inflatable product will be adopted by other industries in India, and hopes that it will make people feel safer.

“Infocomm is trying to solve a huge problem in India: sleeping at home,” Kumar told The Indian Express.

“I think the product will make many people feel better, and also make the sleep more pleasant.

This technology is definitely a solution to a problem we are struggling with right now.”


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