How to deal with the privacy concerns of your child’s phone

Privacy concerns for your children’s phone are now a bigger concern than ever.

And as we’ve seen in the past, many parents are not able to control how their children’s data is used.

Here are some tips to help parents deal with privacy concerns and make sure your children are safe.


Make sure you know what data is being collected.

“It’s a good idea to be able to say what data you’re collecting and how it’s being used,” said Mark S. Cramer, president of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

If your childrens data is sent or stored on their device, the device may be subject to monitoring.

“The device should be able, for example, to tell the police or anyone else, ‘Your phone’s connected to this company that’s collecting this information,'” Cramer said.

If the data is not being used, the devices use may be voluntary.

“If the parents say that they don’t want to give their kids data collected on them, that’s fine,” Cramer added.


Don’t send your child data to third parties.

“There are many things a child can do to prevent this kind of data collection from happening, including turning off parental control on their phones,” Croucher said.

“Parents need to make sure that their child is informed and fully aware of what data they’re sending to third party companies.”


Learn how to opt out of tracking.

“We’ve seen reports of parents who have sent their children data that they weren’t aware they were sending,” said Crouher.

“They may not have known they were being tracked.”


Be aware of your children when they are at play.

“Some parents want to take the risk of putting their kids in the car, but not everyone can do that,” Cramer said.

Some parents choose to let their kids play in a car with a screen or headphones, while others opt to let them watch TV or other activities on a screen and not worry about the privacy issues of their devices.


Consider a child’s interests.

“Kids are looking at a lot of different things.

Parents should have a good understanding of their child’s interest level, and they should be aware that they’re sharing data with a third party company that has a direct financial interest in the data being collected,” Crama said.

Cramers recommendations are simple.

“A child should be encouraged to play with toys, play on the couch, go to the gym,” he said.


Consider whether your children should be told about their location and what they’re looking at.

“Children who are older or who are at school can be sensitive about their privacy,” Craner said, “and parents need to be careful about their childrens privacy.”

If parents aren’t careful, Craming said, their children will be distracted and have less privacy.

“You don’t know if they’ll be in a position where they can do something,” Craig said.

Parents who want to learn more about the importance of privacy can read more about how parents can protect their privacy at the Federal Trade Commission website.


Talk to a parent.

“Make sure the person who is collecting the data knows what they are doing, what they have, and what their privacy policy is,” Crumer said in an email.

“Ask the parent if they are okay with the data collection, whether they understand how their data is going to be used, and whether they have any concerns about the data they are using,” he added.


Find out what companies are collecting your data.

“For example, if your child is sending you data about his or her activity on Facebook, that could be used by Facebook to track your child,” Crera said.


Learn more about your children.

“In some cases, parents are concerned about their childs data being used for commercial purposes.

And the parents can take steps to protect their children, but they may have limited choices and may not be aware of the choices they have,” Crake said.

The FTC’s privacy guidance is available at:

For more tips and information on how to protect your privacy, contact Cramber at 703-879-4775 or [email protected]


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