Split screen for split-screen phone apps

Some of the biggest smartphone apps and apps for split screen are not available for the iPhone or Android, and a new Android app that allows users to switch to a split screen has raised some eyebrows.

A new Android phone app called SplitScreen is available in the Google Play Store.

It lets you toggle between the home screen and split screen and lets you choose whether you want to see the app’s home screen or a split-screens app.

You can switch to the home screens by long-pressing the Home button, and to the split- screens app by double-tapping the SplitScreen icon.

But if you want the home or split screen to disappear, you’ll need to click on the app icon on the left-hand side of the screen and choose “Back.”

The app is not available on the iPhone and does not work on the Android version.

Google’s Play Store description does not say if SplitScreen works on other devices, but a quick search for the word “split screen” brings up several apps that allow users to toggle between split screens.

One of those apps is the Split Screen app from developer Pimoroni.

The developer said it’s based on a new version of the Android app, which it said has been updated with bug fixes and improved performance.

Pimoronis also said it uses the Split screen feature to provide users with a seamless user experience between two devices, and that the app is a part of the Google Now Launcher.

The Google Now launcher is an application that lets you use your phone as a standalone display for other apps and also provides a way for you to switch between the apps.

Google says SplitScreen can be used to help you “split your screen between two screens,” and the app will show you the split screen’s home and split- screen apps.

Pomoroni is one of a number of developers that is using the Split screens app for Android, including developer Aamir Khan.

In his blog post, Khan said SplitScreen offers users “a simple way to easily switch between home screens or split screens without having to navigate between apps.”

“With SplitScreen, you can also have a quick look at the split screens app and quickly switch to that app’s content,” he wrote.

Khan added that SplitScreen uses “Android’s native Split screen support” and it doesn’t need any additional permissions.

He also said that the split scenes are automatically saved to the Google account, which he said will be updated to use the new SplitScreen feature.

Aamir, however, is not convinced the app works on all devices.

“I have never seen it work on Android,” he said in his blog.

He said he’s “very curious” about SplitScreen.

Pamela Baskin is a freelance writer in San Francisco.

Follow her on Twitter: @pamela_baskin


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