How to protect your phone from ‘splitting screen’

The split screen feature of the HTC One M9 has made some users nervous.

With the screen facing forward and the phone in landscape, you can sometimes get the screen on the backside of your phone’s screen when it’s facing towards you.

The problem is, it can be quite hard to spot and even harder to remove.

This guide will walk you through the basics of separating your phone screen from the phone itself.

There’s no need to touch the screen itself, it’s just a matter of removing the phone’s protective cover.

HTC One M10 with split screen protection The first thing to do is remove the back cover.

To do this, pull out the screen and gently bend it upwards, as shown in the video below.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this is pretty easy.

To remove the screen cover, you’ll need to pull the screen out with your finger, rather than pulling on the screen completely.

This will allow you to gently pull out most of the screen without damaging it.

HTC One A9 with split screens protection You’re left with a few options here, including using a protective case, but both of these have their pros and cons.

First off, you’re likely to damage your phone, so you should only use this option if you can safely remove the device from your pocket.

If you do, you could be tempted to try and keep the phone out of the way, or even try to push the phone through the case to keep it out of sight.

The downside to this is that you’ll probably have to remove the phone first, so don’t be tempted.

The case also makes it a little tricky to remove it, so we’ll go over the pros and trade-offs with this option first.

The HTC One S7 edge and the Samsung Galaxy A9 are both made from a non-slip plastic, which means the case won’t cause any damage to the screen, but it will allow the screen to separate from the screen of your smartphone.

HTC’s case for the HTC M9 is a different story, which can be difficult to remove when it comes to the M9’s screen.

The M9 case has a sliding cover that slides around the edges to remove, but when the screen is in contact with the case, it could cause some damage.

This is something that HTC’s Edge phones have, but the M10 has an adhesive back that holds it in place.

HTC and Samsung’s cases also differ slightly in terms of how they protect the screen.

HTC uses a hard, rubberized cover that’s designed to protect the front of the phone, while Samsung uses a softer, non-rubberized cover.

The cover is supposed to stay put in the M8, but we can’t confirm if it will in the HTC’s new M10.

If it’s not, we’ll check out the HTC Edge M10 case in the near future.

The HTC One phone has a large gap between the display and the back of the case.

This can make it hard to remove your phone without damaging the screen or the case while removing it.

You can also remove the display from the HTC A9 and M9 cases, but there’s a lot of risk involved, and HTC has no control over how the case is used.

HTC does offer a warranty on their cases, and if you’ve used one of these cases you should be able to return it for free if you’re unhappy.

The Samsung Galaxy M10 is the same size as the HTC, but is made from an ABS plastic, making it easier to remove without damaging your phone.

HTC offers a similar warranty, and there’s no reason to get a different one if you don’t need one.

HTC is also the only manufacturer to offer a replacement screen cover for the M7 and M8.

This screen cover can also be used to protect a device, but once it’s broken, it won’t be easy to fix.

The best option is to use an adhesive adhesive case that comes with your phone and then remove it from the back and put it on the side of your handset.

What to do if you have the HTC Phone?

There are a few things you should do to keep your phone secure when you split screen it, including: Do not press on the phone to open the case and take it off.

Instead, gently pull it off with your fingers.

If the screen does come off, don’t panic, just gently push it away from you.

Don’t press the phone against the screen protector.

Instead press the device on the edge of the protective cover and gently pull the cover off.

If there’s still a gap between you and the screen you can put a finger in it and try and gently move it away.

Avoid touching the screen with your thumb.

If a screen protector is sticking out from the bottom edge of your device, gently push


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