iPhone screen rotation on iPhone 5 is now much smoother

iOS screen rotation has been a big deal on iPhones since the first version of iOS 5, but the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes a new feature that makes it possible for users to have the screen rotation feature on their iPhones much smoother than before.

We got our hands on an early beta version of the iOS 5 beta that allows users to toggle the iPhone’s screen rotation mode on and off with a single tap of a button, and it’s pretty awesome.

The iPhone 5’s screen has a new animation, and the iPhone 5s’ screen has it’s own new animation.

You can see both on the iPhone screen rotations page, and if you click on the animated version of your iPhone’s display, you’ll see the following animation on your iPhone screen:That’s right, in iOS 5 you can toggle the screen orientation to landscape, portrait, or landscape-only, and in iOS 6, you can choose between two different modes.

But the iPhone still uses the original iPhone 4 screen orientation.

The new animation isn’t perfect, as the iPhone has to be rotated 180 degrees to get it to look right, but it works quite well for now.

The rotation animation is also pretty much useless on the iPad, which has a completely different screen orientation animation.

Apple’s new rotation animation works just fine on the old iPad, but not the new one, and there’s no way to change the rotation animation on the new iPad.

We tested the new rotation mode in iOS 7.4, which brings a major overhaul to how iOS displays its content.

You get a redesigned menu, which now looks much cleaner and more attractive.

You also get new animations, which allow you to change how the iPhone rotates.

You can adjust the new animation for all iPhone screens with the following setting in Settings → General → Animations.

We also tested iOS 6.0, which brought the same rotation mode to iOS 6 users, but in a much better-looking and more user-friendly way.

We hope you enjoy the new animations on iOS screens.

The new animation is actually pretty cool, but we’d rather see a better rotation animation in iOS than the old one.


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