How to fold a screen porch

A folding screen porch can be a nice change of pace from a full-sized porch.

With a folding screen, you can leave the porch area in place and allow your lawn to breathe, letting you enjoy a cool, relaxing afternoon in the yard without leaving your couch.

You can fold the screen porch in about 20 minutes.

The screen porch is perfect for those who want a comfortable, quiet place to sit while you enjoy the afternoon sun, even if the sun isn’t shining.

For more information, read our folding screen home theater articles.

How to fold your screen porchHow to Fold a screen screen porchThe screen porch concept is relatively simple.

You fold a sheet of plywood or a plywood wall to make a small screen porch that folds into itself, making it very easy to place the screen on your porch.

The porch will be easy to clean and can be folded flat, so you can set it up for your outdoor activities.

You don’t need to cut the screen down to size, since the screen is designed to fold into itself.

This folding process is also simple and takes about 20 seconds.

When you have the screen set up, you need to attach it to the screen, fold it flat, and then attach the screen.

Fold it flat and fold it over, so that the screen sits flush with the ground.

Make sure you leave enough room for the screen to fold over to fit your porch or wall.

The folding screen can also be made into a patio, making the porch a great option for those looking to relax on their porch or balcony.

Here are some steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Cut the screen into two pieces of about a foot and a half each.

To get the screen from one piece to the next, cut two pieces that are the same width, length, and height.

Step 2: Using a knife or other sharp object, cut out the top and bottom edges of the screen piece.

This will allow you to easily install the screen onto your porch and make it a comfortable home theater for those of you who enjoy sitting on the porch.

Step 3: Now that you have a screen, cut a small slit to the back of the porch and fold the top of the slit in half.

To make sure the screen folds flat, fold the slit back and forth about five to six times.

Fold the screen over, and cut a little more slit for the sides.

Step 4: Attach the screen and fold flat, making sure the sides of the fold line up with the sides that are to the side of the top edge of the hole in the screen you just cut.

Step 5: Fold the slit closed, so the screen remains flat.

Step 6: Secure the screen with duct tape.

Step 7: Make sure the folded screen sits neatly on the screen surface.

If the screen feels uncomfortable, trim the edges and glue the edges to the edge of your screen.


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