How to change your iPhone screen reader and break it

Apple has been in the news lately for a slew of new devices, including a new iPhone that’s reportedly capable of using an NFC chip that could allow it to unlock your phone without having to touch it.

While the chip has been around for quite some time, the iPhone has been the first major device to use it.

However, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are apparently capable of unlocking using the same NFC chip as the iPhone 6, but with a different mechanism that is able to use infrared to detect and unlock the device.

If you’re worried that your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will still be able to unlock after you upgrade to the latest iPhone, this isn’t a problem, according to MacRumors.

As a result, we’ve found that if you have an iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7 smartphone, it should be possible to unlock the iPhone by using the old, broken screen reader.

So, how can you tell if your iPhone is actually capable of locking with a broken screen?

To test this, we used an iPhone 4, which has a broken, unresponsive display and no option to turn it off.

To confirm that it was indeed capable of turning the screen off, we turned it on and then turned the screen back off and then on again.

This method is much easier than trying to use the old broken screen, but we can confirm that the iPhone still works after all of the following steps: the phone is on your lap, the display is still on and the phone and the screen are both on.

You can confirm this by checking the status bar.

You’ll see a number that indicates that the screen is turned on.

You can confirm it by checking your phone’s status bar and the iPhone’s.

When you see the phone on the screen, you’ll see that the phone’s display is on.

The screen will now be able turn off.


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