Conservative leadership race heats up

The latest batch of GOP candidates are getting their name out in the open, with an open debate on CNN.

On the heels of Donald Trump’s stunning loss to Marco Rubio, the latest batch is bringing the candidates into the open.

They include former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Texas governor Rick Perry, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace moderated the debate, with the rest of the panel of Republican operatives and analysts including former Mitt Romney strategist Ed Gillespie, former Sen. Jim DeMint, former Ohio Gov.

Ted Strickland and former GOP strategist and GOP consultant Karl Rove.

The debate will be held at 7 p.m.

ET on CNN, and the candidates are allowed to answer questions from the audience.

But there will be a big divide on the issue of immigration policy.

Some Republicans, including Cruz, are arguing that immigrants should be treated as citizens and not as refugees.

Others, including Walker and Perry, are calling for a temporary pause in immigration in the hopes of stemming the tide of immigrants arriving in the U.S. They have also argued that the current immigration system is broken.

“If you have a country that wants to be great, if you want to build the middle class, if they want to be proud of their culture and their heritage, if we want to have the most prosperous country in the world, then you have to have a fair immigration system,” Walker said during a Fox News town hall earlier this week.

“And the fact of the matter is, we are a nation of laws.

And if you don’t enforce our laws, we have no hope of competing on the world stage.”

On the other side, Cruz is arguing that illegal immigration is a national security threat.

“It is time for us to finally, finally say that our immigration system has become a joke,” he said.

“The only way we will stop it is by enforcing our immigration laws, and if we don�t do that, we can�t stop it.” “

There are thousands of people that we don’t have any problems with coming in illegally,” he continued.

“The only way we will stop it is by enforcing our immigration laws, and if we don�t do that, we can�t stop it.”

A spokesperson for the Cruz campaign did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

In response to a question about the Cruz debate, a spokesperson for former President Barack Obama said, “We are proud to have Sen. Cruz on our stage.

He is the first openly transgender person to ever be elected to the U, and we welcome his participation.

The entire Cruz team, including his staff, are committed to making our immigration debate as inclusive and substantive as possible, which is why he will be joined by Sen. Rubio, former Gov.

Christie, and Gov.


On Thursday, the two candidates held their first press conference in a month, and both called for more border security.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Walker and Walker spokesman David Behringer said, “I’m going to call for border security for the people that come across the border, for those that come in illegally and for the millions of people across this country that are here illegally and have been here illegally for generations.

“They also called for border patrols to be doubled, including the deployment of more National Guard troops, to protect the border.

They also said that the U “needs to build a wall” along the entire U.N. border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country.

On Thursday evening, Cruz also released a video on his website that included a quote from Sen. Marco Rubio about the border wall.

Rubio said, `I have spent years working on the border and I have come to the conclusion that this is a matter of life and death.

We are living in a global refugee crisis, a humanitarian crisis, not a national crisis.

We need to secure our borders and protect the people who are coming in from the north, from the south, from all over the world.

We cannot allow people from any country to enter the United States and we cannot allow a single person to be here.’

That was a very powerful speech and it speaks to what we need to do in this country.”

During his appearance on CNN on Wednesday evening, Walker called for immigration reform.

He said, ‘The people of this country are tired of seeing the borders open and the people of our country being treated like second class citizens.

We’re tired of the status quo.

We can’t have it both ways.

We’ve got to have immigration reform, and that means, we need border security, we also need border patrol and we also want to reform our immigration process.

‘And we need more border patrol.

And we need a border wall, we want more border patrols, and then we need real border security.’ The


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