‘We can’t say that’: iPhone screen doors could be a problem

A new iPhone screen door that’s designed to prevent thieves from opening your phone is getting some positive press.

But not everyone’s thrilled about it.

Here are some of the issues some people are having with this new iPhone feature:What’s the problem?

This is an iPhone screen, not a phone, and it’s a privacy screen that hides the phone’s screen.

You can use this feature to keep your personal information secure from thieves who are after your phone’s information.

Here’s how to get it installed.

The privacy screen is made up of two parts: the front panel, which includes an unlock button and a fingerprint sensor, and a bottom plate that’s supposed to make the phone more difficult to unlock by someone with a fingerprint scanner.

If your phone does not have a fingerprint reader, you’ll need to use the rear cover, which is made of a material called TPU.

You’ll need a fingerprint unlock key, a paperclip or another object to insert into the device’s back plate.

Once you insert your finger into the phone, you will be able to use it to unlock your phone.

This feature is not new, and the lockscreen is also known as the “locked screen” in the US.

You don’t have to unlock the phone to use this screen, but it does require you to unlock it by your fingerprint.

This new iPhone device does not feature a screen door.

What is it?

The new iPhone features an aluminum screen that’s thicker than the existing iPhone screen.

It is made from a material known as TPU, which can be found in many consumer products and some industrial devices, such as cars.

TPU is made by a company called Trion, and its main use is to help protect devices from fingerprints.

You may have heard of TPU before, but there’s more to it than that.

TPE is also used in some industrial products, and many people find that it helps reduce fingerprints.

In this picture, you can see the iPhone screen with its back plate removed.

The aluminum screen is thicker than a standard iPhone screen because it has more TPU in it, which makes it tougher to print.

How can you get it?

This iPhone screen can be installed by anyone with a phone with a back plate and the correct software.

You will need to have the Trion iPhone software installed and be able get your phone to connect to the Trionic phone service.

You might also need a Trion SIM card.

Here is how to download Trion’s Trionic iPhone software.

Here you can download the Trinity iPhone software, which offers security features, including a fingerprint unlocking button.

You must have the new Trionic software installed to use Trionic’s Trion phone service to install Trion-equipped phones.

If you have an iPhone 5S or newer and have not yet used the new iPhone security feature, you should upgrade to the new version, which also includes an additional security feature called Touch ID.

You won’t need to unlock and unlock your iPhone.

You can also upgrade to Trion Premium, which will unlock your device faster.

You will need a paper clip to insert your fingerprint into the Trions device, and this will need you to insert the fingerprint into your phone, too.

You should insert your paperclip in the slot where your fingerprint should go, and press the unlock button to start the installation process.

You should have a paper sticker or an adhesive backing to attach to the back of the Triton device, or you can use a sticker to attach the Trison device to your phone in place of the paperclip.

This will make the Tron iPhone app less likely to be stolen.

Why would anyone need a screen that is made to be easily stolen?

When people think of iPhone security features they might think about a lock screen that prevents thieves from getting your phone for a quick, quick swipe.

However, the most commonly stolen iPhone screen in recent years has been a phone’s fingerprint reader.

These phones have been stolen by crooks who were using the fingerprint scanner to unlock phones and gain access to users’ data.

In addition, when someone has stolen your phone and then has your phone unlocked, you may be concerned that the thief is also getting into your other devices.

That’s because when you unlock your unlocked phone, it’s possible that a thief could access the data stored on it and use it.

In an email to CBS News, a spokesperson for Apple said the new iPhones screen will not hide your phone from thieves.

Apple said it will offer Trionic devices to help consumers keep their data safe from thieves, but those Trion phones won’t work with the new phone feature.

If your phone doesn’t have a removable back cover, you might also have a problem with your phone screen.

In this picture you can notice a metal plate on the side of your iPhone that is supposed to prevent the phone from opening, but which is


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