How Walmart Built Its Biggest Outdoor Movie Screen

Walmart is taking its outdoor movie theater production program to the next level.

The new outdoor movie project at the company’s main downtown headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, is set to open in 2020, and will be a full-fledged production.

The outdoor movie house, which will feature six stages and a fully equipped production office, will include a full kitchen, dining room, outdoor movie screening, a movie theatre projection booth, and two outdoor movie theaters.

The project will be managed by Walmart, with a small team of Walmart employees on site.

According to Walmart’s press release, “This project will provide a new and unique experience for local and national audiences, bringing the Walmart brand to an outdoor theater.”

The project will begin in 2020 and is expected to be completed by 2026.

It will be located at the corner of South Sixth and South First Streets in Bento.

It’s expected to cost $1.9 billion.

Walmart said that the project will include “a full-sized indoor movie theatre, projection booth and a full dining room.”

Walmart’s new outdoor movies project is expected not only to draw customers and increase revenue for the company, but also boost the brand and its image.

According to the company itself, the project is designed to “create a better-looking, more aesthetically pleasing and engaging shopping experience for consumers, and it will provide an environment where they can experience the Walmart experience and know that they are in a Walmart-branded environment.”

Walton, who was named Walmart’s first CEO in 2012, took over as CEO in May 2017 after spending four years as CEO of the global food company.


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