What if you could take your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other portable device to work without breaking a sweat?

Google has created a “flat screen” screen for your mobile device that you can plug into your desktop PC.

That means you can use it to read on the go, stream video or even surf the web without breaking your phone’s screen.

And it’s actually pretty useful.

According to the company, the screen is designed to keep the screen clear and free from scratches while the device is in use.

It’s also designed to allow you to “switch between different screen modes” in the case that your device is off or if you need to adjust brightness.

“We believe this screen is the most advanced flat screen we’ve ever created,” said Google’s VP of Android engineering, Dan Smith, in a blog post.

“It provides us with the highest-resolution, most responsive and most efficient display available on mobile devices.”

The device is a $99 tablet, and it’s available in a variety of sizes.

The company has already started shipping it to customers, but Google is hoping to make it available to the general public soon.

Google says it hopes to sell about 1 million of the devices.

Here’s what to expect: It’s built with “sophisticated, high-performance polycarbonate” and is made with an “advanced, lightweight, flexible, flexible OLED screen” and a “tough and durable black metal enclosure.”

The screen has a maximum screen brightness of 800 nits, which is “close to the maximum brightness of a typical laptop display,” according to the blog post, which also notes that the screen has “no screen glare.”

It has a built-in webcam, and the company is promising “the lowest possible screen lag time.”

The company says it is also offering a wireless, wireless-enabled version of the device, which allows for “a full-sized tablet to be plugged in to a desktop computer.”

The price is $99, though the company has not yet revealed the total cost of the new device.


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