How to fix your own laptop screen issue

It’s not always easy to fix a laptop screen, especially if you’re using a Chromebook.

But here’s a quick and easy fix for your own screen issue.


Start a new computer and go through the usual process of downloading and installing software.

The usual setup process will save you time, especially when you’re new to computers.

But the problem can arise if you don’t use the same operating system as your computer.


Plug your computer into a USB port.

If you use a laptop with an internal power supply, you’ll need to connect your computer to an external power source before you can connect it to the computer.


Install the software you need to fix the problem.

Depending on your computer, you may need to install an update to Chrome OS before the problem will go away.


Close Chrome and restart your computer and wait for it to reboot.

The problem will disappear once you reboot.


Check your screen to make sure you’re not getting an incorrect display resolution.

If your display is off, it means you need an external display.


Open your browser, and look for the word ‘chromebook’.

This will tell you if your laptop screen resolution is off.

If the resolution is on, it’s your display.

If it’s off, you need a display.


You can try setting the resolution back to its normal state if the problem persists.

It can also help to turn off your display completely, or to switch off your computer entirely, before you try to fix it. 8.

Try a different resolution, or look at the options in the settings menu.

If this fixes the problem, try a different monitor.


If no resolution is available, it may be that you need your display adjusted to match the resolution you’re seeing.

Try changing the brightness of your display, and adjusting the color temperature.

If that doesn’t help, try using a different color temperature, such as a different brightness.


If none of these work, or you’re still getting the problem after adjusting your display settings, you can check the resolution of your laptop’s display.

That may indicate that the problem isn’t related to the display itself.


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