When is it available on Android and iOS?

A couple of days ago, I posted a quick update about how the dual screen landscape screen could be on the way for Android and how Google could finally bring dual screens to iOS.

The update was well received, and Google is now taking the opportunity to get its software to the next level.

A couple of weeks ago, Google launched the dual-screen landscape screen on Android, and now that the device is live on iOS, it’s also coming to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10.

Dual screens on Android can be a bit of a challenge to use, but that’s no different for iOS users who’ve got multiple devices connected to the same network.

The dual-screens on Android are limited to apps on one screen, and the other screen can only display one app at a time.

The dual screen on iOS is similar, but it’s limited to one app on the left screen and one app from the right screen.

You can switch between apps on the two screens, but they can only be displayed in portrait orientation.

There’s also a slider on the bottom of the screen to change the orientation of the apps on both screens.

Google has created a tool called Google Split that allows iOS users to use a single screen on one device.

If you have multiple iOS devices connected together, you can tap the two icons to switch between the two devices, and then tap the “Open Split” button.

The new feature will be available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and it’ll be available to Windows phones as well.

It’ll be free to download from Google Play, but if you’re not one of the first to try it, you’ll need to sign up to get a paid account.

The feature is limited to the iOS apps, and that means that iOS users can’t use the new feature with Windows Phone, but Android users can.

That means that Android users will need to upgrade to a paid plan for the dual screens feature.

Google is also releasing a new version of the dual interface that will work on Android phones and tablets.

This new version is called Google Screen, and this version works in landscape mode on Android devices, but will work in portrait mode on Windows 10 devices.

This is the only Android version of Google Screen that is not free.

If your device isn’t running the latest version of Android, you might need to use another app to bring the dual interfaces to life.


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