Which Tesla Model 3 will you buy?

The Tesla Model S is now selling at a lower price than its predecessor, and the company is already looking to lower its $35,000 starting price for the Model 3, according to reports.

The automaker will now be able to offer its Model 3 at a slightly lower price tag, but it is not yet clear how that price will be reduced.

The news comes from a report by The Wall Street Journal, which said Tesla is lowering the starting price of the Model S to $36,000, from $39,500.

That price cut is effective July 1st, which will mean that Tesla will no longer be able offer the Model III at a higher price than the Model X.

Tesla has also announced that the Model Y will now cost $36k, and that it will be offered at $35k.

The $35K price cut will apply to the Model Z, and it is unclear if Tesla will also drop the Model 4 price from $49,000 to $39.5k.

Tesla’s Model X and Model 3 are both powered by the new “next-gen” design, and were the first cars in the lineup to be powered by a battery pack that is more energy efficient than the one that powered the Model 2.

That improved efficiency has made the Model C more expensive than the previous two versions, and Tesla is now looking to bring the cost of its battery pack down.

Tesla is already reducing the price of its new battery packs by about half, which has made it cheaper to make batteries.

Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it was reducing the cost to make the Model E from $37,500 to $28,000.

Tesla also announced last week that it would be lowering the price for its Model S and Model X cars, which is a significant reduction from the previous pricing.

The Model 3 is also coming down in price, and will be cheaper than its previous versions, but Tesla is not expected to be dropping the price just yet.


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