What is a ‘screen shot’?

Screen shots are the images that a company or individual uses to document its work, including video, audio, images and documents.

They are the most common method of copying data and often the most valuable source of data to copy for future analysis.

Some companies use the same image multiple times to document different aspects of a project, often to improve the accuracy of their results.

A company might use an image from a different source or image from multiple sources, for example, or an image of a product or product component that appears to be different from the actual product.

Screen shots may be used for a variety of reasons, but most are used to help build the confidence of an organization, or for marketing purposes.

While many companies do not require the use of screen shots in their documentation, companies are sometimes required to include them in their reports.

The purpose of the use is not to show the company’s performance, but rather to provide an overview of how they are doing or what they are looking to improve, or to present information about future improvements.

There are a number of different types of screen shot, which are listed below.

Types of Screen Shots: A. Screenshot (used to document changes or changes in a project) B. Documentation (used for research) C. Story (used as an explanation) D. Report (used in the form of a summary or report) E. Report Summary (used on a report or a slide show) F. Report Slide Show (used at the end of a presentation) G. Slide Show Summary (for slide shows) H. Slide-show (used from the beginning of a slide) I. Slide Slide Show Slide Show Example Screen Shot 1: This image was taken in a room at a tech conference, and was presented as a slide in a presentation.


Screenshots of this slide show a company’s progress.

The company’s CEO has taken a screen shot of this image, and it has been included in the company document.

The CEO has added it to the company report.

The slide show summary is a slide-show, and the slide-presentation is a PowerPoint slide show.


Screen Shot 2: This slide shows a company meeting.

The slides show the CEO and other company executives discussing various aspects of the company, and this screen shot has been presented as the company slide show at the beginning.

The screen shot is also included in a slide from the PowerPoint presentation.


Screen-shot 3: This screen shot shows a conference.

The presentation slides the company leaders on various topics that are discussed at the conference, including an overview or overview of a specific topic.

The executive summary is also presented, along with a summary of the slides.

The executives have also made a presentation slide, along the same lines of the slide, and they have used this slide to present the company slides.

This slide is included in an overview slide.


Screen Shots 4 and 5: This example is a screen-shot from a presentation at a technology conference.

This screen-screenshot is the first slide presented at the company meeting, and shows the company CEO explaining to the other executives that a recent presentation on a topic the company has been working on has been submitted for review by a committee of industry professionals.

The other slides are the company summary and the presentation slide.

The two slides in this example are presented at different times in the presentation.

The key difference between the two slides is that the slide presentation is longer and includes information about the review process.

The screens is not a separate presentation, and has no information from the presentation that the slides do not.


Screen Shoot 4: This is a screenshot of the screen of a large computer monitor, showing a person with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge running the latest software.

BETA (Beta) software is software that is in a “beta” or early stage.

It is still in development and has not reached mass consumer acceptance.

A “beta-state” software is not yet ready for mass consumer adoption.

It may not yet be as stable or accurate as the “final” software, and may be less reliable in the future.


Documented Screenshot Example 1: Screen shots from a conference call are used in a report, a slide presentation, or a report summary.


Screens shot 1 shows a person at a conference with the Galaxy S7 Edge running a new version of Samsung’s mobile operating system.


Scersh shot 2 shows the Samsung executive presenting the presentation, along a slide.


Screesh shot 3 shows the executive presenting an overview presentation.


Documentary Screenshot example 1: A presentation slides on a screen from a panel of developers at a developer conference.

Screen shot 1: Samsung’s VP of Software Engineering and the developer panel present a slide deck with slides from a developer-focused conference.

Scrubs screen shot 1 to show this slide deck.


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