How to Create a Magnetic Screen Door and Its Light Source Wired title A Magnetic Screen Door And Its Light – An Interactive Tutorial by T-Bone Burnett

I love magnetic screens, and I love that they can be attached to anything.

They can also be easily removed, just like you would an old TV remote.

But why do they work the way they do?

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a magnetic screen door and its light using a few simple tools.

I’ll also explain why you might want to build your own magnet screen door.

I also want to make clear that this tutorial is meant to be a primer for building your own magnetic screen, and not to be the definitive guide for all of the stuff that is required to do it.

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to do their own magnets, but wants to get started without a lot of the tools or knowledge required to get going.

If you’re interested in learning more about magnets, I highly recommend checking out the Magnetica site.

The Magnetia Tutorial To start, you’ll need a magnet.

You can find them at hardware stores and online.

I chose a cheap metal box with a little bit of scrap metal.

You can find some of the more popular magnet products at Amazon.

I found the T-bone Burnett Magnetic Door Magnet in the ‘crafts’ section of Amazon.

You’ll need to cut out a piece of metal with a hole drilled through it.

You’re going to want to keep the hole about 1/8″ wide, so that the hole won’t be visible when you look at it.

(See photo below.)

To make a magnet, you can either cut it out of a piece that’s already in your house or use a hobby knife.

You don’t need to drill out every piece of magnet, though.

I’ve included a picture of the magnet that I cut out of my old fridge magnet.

To make the magnetic door, you will need a piece to mount the magnet on, such as a magnet stand, or a shelf magnet.

The magnet should fit into a piece with a metal mount that has the hole drilled out.

For example, the magnet mount on my fridge magnet has the same hole as the magnetic wall on my kitchen magnet, but I made mine bigger.

This will give me more room to mount my magnet.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, though, and you can easily add extra pieces to the magnet to make it even better.

This is how you can see that the magnet isn’t sticking to the door as it mounts.

Cut out a metal piece to fit the magnetic screen Door Magnet to the refrigerator magnet piece.

You should be able to see the hole when you measure the piece to make sure you don’t cut into the wall of the fridge magnet piece, or you could just leave it as it is.

Cut out the piece of the magnetic Door Magnet that fits in the fridge.

Cut a piece on the other side of the metal piece for the magnetic Screen Door to mount to.

This piece should be about 1″ wide.

You want to cut the metal part out of the wall just slightly wider than the hole that you drilled out of your magnet.

That will allow you to mount it with a magnet mount that’s smaller than your magnet, and will still fit into your refrigerator.

The next step is to drill the holes into the metal.

I made a template for this, which you can print out if you don�t have a template handy.

I just put the hole I drilled into my fridge Magnet in there, and used a drill press to drill it.

Then I used a piece measuring 5/16″ long to drill a 3/8″-wide hole in the bottom of the screen door, and a 3-1/4″ wide hole in each corner of the door.

These will be the two holes that will mount the screen to the magnetic piece that will be hanging from the door, as well as to the wall.

Mount the screen Door to the Magnetic Screen Magnet.

If everything looks ok, you should be ready to attach the magnetic pieces to each other.

For the magnet door, I drilled holes into both the sides of the magnets to hold the pieces together.

I also drilled two holes for the magnets in the back of the Door Magnet.

After all of that is done, the magnets should be completely in place.

I used the paperclip to hold them together and then taped the magnet pieces together with the glue that comes with your store-bought magnets.

Once all of your magnets are attached to eachother, attach the screen and the door to your wall.

This time, I used some kind of adhesive to attach them to each wall.

You may want to get a template if you’re making this in-home, and cut out some extra paper to make your magnets stronger.

You could also try some of these ideas, like making your own glue or using a piece like a piece from a door handle


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