Which is better: iPhone 7 or iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 has more than doubled the amount of pixels in an iPhone 7 screen, according to a new study.

The difference, though, may be a little more subtle than we might expect.

According to an analysis by researchers at the University of British Columbia, a 4.5-inch iPhone 8 screen was able to capture a larger, more detailed image of the surrounding environment than the same screen on a 4-inch 7-inch phone.

The researchers also found that a 2.3-inch 8-inch screen on an iPhone 8 also captured a significantly more detailed picture of the scene than a 7- or 8-incher on the same device.

The findings are based on data from two experiments that were carried out by researchers in the United Kingdom and Australia.

One involved two pairs of identical handsets; the other involved three identical handset pairs, and both had the same camera and a 4K screen.

The results are surprising given the amount and the way the iPhone 8 compares to the other models in its class.

That’s because Apple has focused heavily on making the iPhone the most affordable smartphone on the market and has positioned the 8- and 9-inch models as more portable and capable.

In fact, in the U.K., the 8 Plus is now cheaper than the iPhone 7, which is no surprise given the smaller display.

But the researchers’ results were less clear in Australia, where the researchers measured the display of the same two handsets on a pair of iPhones.

The iPhone 7’s screen was found to be significantly smaller, which means the iPhone has a slightly smaller image than the 8.

In both cases, the iPhone’s image quality remained comparable to the iPhone, though the image quality of the iPhone had been boosted.

The study is part of a larger study, which looked at the quality of an iPhone display for a wide variety of images.

In the case of the U, the researchers found that the iPhone image was noticeably better than the 7.

In the case the U of A, the images were noticeably better.

Apple has also been busy with making improvements to the display on its smartphones.

A year ago, it debuted a 4,000-percent increase in the resolution of the display, which increased the amount the phone could capture images with.

The company has also improved the way it can control the brightness of the screen.


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